The Synaptic Advantage
Alternative data provides a rich set of dynamic, real-time datasets that help build smarter data models. Synaptic unifies alternative data and makes it available for data teams, so you can derive your own insights from our data.
Build richer analyses with unified datasets tailored to your needs
Transaction Data
Credit card & bank transaction data
Product rating and Reviews
Developer Activity
Github repos and traction
Employee Count
Employee growth and job openings
Web Usage
Web Activity
Mobile Usage
Mobile Traction
Public Market data
Stock and Financials statements
Search Trends
Google and other trends
Private Deals
Funding and Investor data
Integrate new datasets
Our modular build allows us to add new datasets you want to access, in no time
Discover & track promising companies
Save time on data collection, preprocessing, and repetitive tasks
Access various datasets in one place
Cleansed, tagged, and mapped to companies for proprietary analysis
Outsource your ETLs to us
We run custom ETLs on your behalf so you can focus on deriving value
Resources for Data Teams
See how Synaptic leverages the power of alternative data by unifying 3rd party data and proprietary datasets in one place.
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Learn how to unify data and overcome the challenges of data unification
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