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Synaptic aims to make alternative data accessible and usable for everyone

Synaptic aims to make alternative data accessible and usable for everyone

Look, we get it. Using alternative data is hard and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.

Unlock the power of Alternative Data

Synaptic makes it easy for decision-makers to get actionable insights from tons of alternative data, all in one place. We do the heavy lifting of processing data so you can focus on making decisions.

Investors across the spectrum use Synaptic to invest with data-driven confidence.

We started Synaptic
before we even started Synaptic

We’re not kidding. Synaptic began its life as the internal data tool of Vy Capital.

The inception of Synaptic dates back to 2013, when Alexander Tamas started with Vy Capital after an already impressive track record as an investor — backing companies like Airbnb, Spotify, Facebook and Twitter. Alexander, appalled at the lack of tools for investors to use data to drive decisions, decided to build his own.

Our Founders

Enter Anurag and Rohit, a couple of nerds who get excited about any problem that can be solved by a few lines of code. Alexander reached out to Anurag and Rohit, and the trio started building the first ever iteration of Synaptic — a pilot project to track sentiments across earnings calls for a company. Anurag and Rohit were hooked on the problem space, and moved to Dubai to work with Alexander on realizing his vision (and building Synaptic 0.1 in the process).

Becoming Synaptic

As more use cases evolved, it became clear that the platform they were building was unique and valuable to all investors. In November 2016, Anurag and Rohit spun out of Vy Capital and moved back to India, taking with them the internal platform that we now know as Synaptic.

Our early believers

With investments from Ribbit, Felicis, and Vy Capital, we found a set of early adopters and started building Synaptic around our customers needs. This has always been the ethos for Synaptic, solving real customer problems from day 0.

Our journey, onwards and upwards

We're now proud to have more marquee names across VC, PE, Hedge Funds, and asset managers
as our trusted customers. Collectively, our customers have an AUM of more than 2 Trillion USD.

We are here to help investors do more with data, making it as simple as possible for them to integrate data into their daily workflows. And our approach is catching on.

At Synaptic, our mission is to democratize the use of alternative data.

Join us in our mission to
simplify investment research

If being at the cutting edge of the highly competitive fields
like Finance, Data Science and Technology excites you,
you’re at the right place.
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