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data-driven investors
Become data-driven across the investing process
Expand sourcing funnel
Automated tracking helps significantly broaden the universe and reduces reliance on networks
Track companies real-time
Weekly/monthly data updates allows you to closely monitor companies of interest
Better prioritize pipeline
Use performance metrics to objectively compare or rank deals in your pipeline
Superior market intelligence
Data-driven competitive intelligence for investment thesis or portfolio tracking
Information security is our top priority
and Synaptic is SOC 2 compliant
Synaptic benefits investors across the spectrum
Used by Venture Capital, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Asset Managers, and more.
We work on data to make insights that work for you
Building and maintaining a data stack internally to drive your investment research is a complex effort. Synaptic is ready to use, and does the heavy lifting of processing data so you can focus on making better business decisions.
Data collection and synthesis
Alternative data, traditional data and business process data sources mapped, tagged, and cleansed for further analysis
Data modeling
Ever-evolving ML-driven algorithms for predictive modeling, trend spotting, and anomaly detection
Insights delivery
Get smart alerts and automated insights via our intutive UI, or run your own models with our data warehousing solution
Data processed every month
Individual data points tracked
Unique data points integrated
Insights generated per month
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Alternative Data: The Basics
Importance of Unifying Your Data
Synaptic Smart Alerts
For data vendors
Getting your data on Synaptic is one of the easiest ways to build your audience. Work with us to increase your data utilization, uncover its value, and create insights that help leading investors make data decisions.
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