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Open Source Gems

20 High-growth GitHub Projects for Investors
The open-source landscape has witnessed a seismic shift in investor interest, driven by the resounding successes of projects like ChatGPT and Grafana. With over 100 million developers and 28 million public repositories, GitHub hosts a treasure trove of high-growth, transformative projects!

In this report, we offer you a roadmap to navigate the open-source goldmine. We've examined the top 20 open-source projects, selecting them based on key GitHub metrics that illuminate popularity, adoption, and commercial viability.

Key Findings

  • 25% of the growing startups covered in this report are still bootstrapped, 60% are in the seed stage, 15% of the top 20 OSS startups are in Series A funding stage. 
  • Developer Tools and Enterprise Infra have emerged as the leading categories in the open source startup ecosystem, closely followed by Enterprise Software.
  • For these 20 companies, the average funding of companies in the seed stage is $5.4M, while the startups in Series A stage have an average funding of $11.7M

The report also highlights the leading investors and the visionary founders behind the top open source startups at each funding stage.

Join us on this journey as we uncover the Open Source Gems, guiding you towards promising tech ventures with potential for remarkable returns.

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