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Generative AI: Profiling Founders

What does the quintessential Generative AI founder look like?

Entrepreneurs building generative AI have captivated investor interest. Since the advent of LLMs, generative AI startups have attracted over $26B in investments, 70% of which occurred in 2023 itself.

We have gleaned insights by analysing a comprehensive dataset of 5800+ founders across 3200+ Gen AI startups. This report aims to delineate the typical generative AI founder by analyzing their academic backgrounds and previous work experience.

Key findings include:

  • The US, as expected, has a majority of Gen AI startups. India, Israel, and select European regions (UK, Germany, France) are emerging as Gen AI innovation hubs.
  • There are more than 1.5x more repeat founders in the Gen AI space than among unicorn founders.
  • 60% of founders stem from computer science & engineering disciplines while 64% have held roles in the software sector
  • Solo founders are 2x more common in the Gen AI domain

Download the report to learn more about their key traits, understand how these traits correlate with funding outcomes, and how the profiles of generative AI founders differ from those in a random sample of startups or unicorns.

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