Live webinar: Unlocking Untapped Value in Portfolio Updates | Feb 22 | 10AM PT


Demystifying the Data-Driven Investor’s Tech Stack


Christian D'Alessandro



(Former CB Insights)

Rohan Gupta

Associate Director, Research


(Former Bain & Co.)

Private investors are increasingly utilizing sophisticated data & tools to identify and evaluate investment opportunities - gaining an edge in both quality and speed of deals. In this webinar we explore the evolving tech stack in Venture Capital - from basic components to cutting-edge tools as well as upcoming experimental applications for the future".

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • The Cornerstones of VC Tech Stack: Delve into the fundamental building blocks that make up a successful investor's toolkit, covering everything from CRM systems to research subscriptions.

  • Navigating Private Company Data: Explore the wide array of datasets available to support your investment preferences, and discover the techniques for extracting valuable insights from these data sources.

  • Harnessing the Power of Data-Driven Technology: Gain insights into how technology can revolutionize internal processes, metrics, competitive analysis, and more, and appreciate its impact on the modern investment landscape.

  • Crafting Your Ideal Tech Stack: Discover the tech stacks employed by leading data-driven investors today and learn how they continue to evolve. Explore how VCs can tailor their tech stacks to align with their unique investment preferences.

  • The Vital Role of Data Platforms: Understand the pivotal role played by data platforms in consolidating and harmonizing disparate data sources, including alternative data, CRM information, and emails, to elevate your company intelligence.

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