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Industry Report • MAY 2023

Data-driven VC Landscape 2023

Authored by: Andre Ratterrath, Data-driven VC
“By 2025, more than 75% of VC investor reviews will be informed using AI and data analytics.” - Gartner

Investors’ most-awaited 2023 highlights are here!

Learn how leading venture capital (VC) investors leverage data and artificial intelligence (AI) to become more productive, identify the most promising investment opportunities at the right point in time, and gain unique insights to steer their portfolio companies to success.

This first of its kind report by Data-driven VC includes exclusive data on 151 VC firms, 65 thought leaders, 400+ tools, and a range of hands-on guides explaining how you can become more data-driven too!

In the report, you will learn:

Why should VCs become more data-driven?
  • Efficiency, effectiveness and inclusivity
  • Disparity in funding across the globe

  • Market Benchmarking
  • Comparison between old-school, productivity and data-driven VCs
  • Building engineering and execution muscle
  • Deep dive into 151+ data-driven VCs & the Top 20
  • People driving the data-driven VC landscape

  • How to become data-driven?
  • Tech stack to use
  • Newsletters to follow
  • Other practical tips

  • You can also find the most frequently used tools below and the full list on this Notion page (including all data) here. According to the report, the leading data-driven VC firms are thoughtfully balancing the use of external off-the-shelf tools and the development of unique components in-house. Only while keeping their secret sauce, the core of their tech stack in-house, VC firms will be in a position to generate alpha in the long run. For a thorough analysis, download the report today.

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    Synaptic helps investors get company insights by unifying a wide spectrum of alternative data on a single no-code platform. We cover alternative data points across various facets of business performance, such as web traffic, app reviews, employee and hiring data, product reviews, search trends, funding info, firmographics, and more. We unify data from proprietary and custom sources with a rich analytics toolkit, enabling more efficient ways to complete and complement the research workflow–from sourcing and tracking to the due diligence of companies and sectors. We work with top venture capital firms, private equity firms, and hedge funds across the globe. 

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