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Consumer Fintech Top 25

The fast-growing Fintech space is projected to reach $492 billion by 2028. With over 26,000 Fintech startups worldwide, investors have tremendous potential to diversify their portfolios across lending, payments, personal finance, investments among other verticals.

In this report, we have identified 25 high-growth Fintech startups focused on consumers. Our report dives deeper into the top performers through alternative data metrics like web traffic and workforce size. Not just that, we also feature leading founders and investors in this space!

Key Findings

  • 24% of the growing startups covered in this report are still bootstrapped, 60% are in the seed stage, 16% of the top 25 consumer Fintech startups are in Series A and B funding stage.
  • 68% of these high-growth consumer Fintech startups are Neobanks and Wealth Management firms.

Download the complete report to explore promising consumer Fintech startups across diverse emerging categories.

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