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AI Customer Support Tools

High-growth AI customer support companies
Generative AI is revolutionizing customer support by resolving the dilemma of scaling while personalizing interactions. A recent study by NBER showed that AI implementation can reduce the average handling time of support tickets significantly while maintaining NPS scores.

Our report provides a curated set of high-growth companies across different stages of funding and growth in their lifecycle. Key insights of the report:

  • Conversational AI and agent-assist solutions are the leading themes in the CS AI space.
  • ~95% of recent funding dollars have gone to incumbents (established mainstays founded pre-2010) and established players (founded between 2010 and 2018).
  • 10 startups on the list have raised over $50 million in funding (excluding the 12 unicorns and big tech players), five of which also received recent funding.

This report also deep dives into each company’s performance based on alternative data metrics like website traffic growth, employee growth, product ratings, and others available on the Synaptic platform. 

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