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When visiting a doctor can make you more sick
Let's say you have a sharp pain in your stomach. What are you going to do about it? You're of course not going to visit a doctor because of the fear of catching the virus. You're most likely going to do a google search, visit WebMD and after being confused and probably misdiagnosed with cancer, you are going to google "online doctor" and end up on one of the telemedicine company's website.

With the imposition of mass quarantine and over-crowded healthcare institutions, people are increasingly turning towards Telehealth platforms for consultations. In fact to ease the pressure off overworked healthcare staff, CDC is also endorsing Telehealth platforms. Some of the steps taken include "waiving many existing restrictions on Telehealth" and "authorising states to cover Telehealth services for their medical patients".

Website Reach spiked in March
Dr+ on Demand
High growth in Daily Website Reach
Telehealth platforms are experiencing a massive surge in popularity as people prefer to remain confined to their homes due to the risk of exposure. In March, Teladoc's daily website traffic per million increased by 75%, Doctor On Demand's by 117%, MDLive's by 73% and AmWell's by 118%
Improvement in App Rankings
The popularity of these Telemedicine apps is reflected quite starkly in the App Rankings Data in Medical category. In March, the rankings improved for all the major Telemedicine companies. But over time, only Teladoc and Doctor on Demand were able to maintain their lead across both the stores.
iOS Ranking
Android Ranking
Spike in Negative App Ratings
Well it's not surprising that these apps are growing. What would be interesting to know is how helpful are people finding these services to be. This is exactly what Teladoc's March app ratings & reviews tell us. For Teladoc, the proportion of 1* and 2* ratings has shot up to ~30%
But, If you dig a bit deeper into the reviews, they are because of tech issues, doctor unavailability, and prescription problems rather than on the treatment they are getting. This problem reflects the operational inefficiency and some tech improvements that will only get better over time. The only barrier to mass adoption remains the regulations and insurance covers.
29 Mar 2020
Robbie Brackett
...It was explained prior to that there was a 3 hour window. I then read I would receive a text or email 10 minutes prior to the visit when a doctor was ready...
17 Mar 2020
...I waited 18 hours for a call back. When I finally talked to a doctor, she prescribed an antibiotic. Almost eight hours later, my pharmacy has yet to receive the prescription request...
25 Mar 2020
Pinar Gokkaya
...My scheduled appointment was at 1:30pm and after waiting for an hour on the video call noone showed up. Then I received a text message at 5:34pm that the doctor is going to see me now and as soon as I logged in I received another message that I was late which was at 5:35pm...
29 Mar 2020
...the doctor noted that she sent in the prescription to the pharmacy and that it can be picked up in an hour...waited 3 hours...pharmacist states they do not have any record of prescription...
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Its not only tech companies that are working around telehealth. Hospitals, Diagnostics, and Pharmaceutical companies are talking about Telemedicine. Check out Synaptic's Transcript & Filings search for more details!
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