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Whatever that can happen is happening via an app
Mobiles apps have become a preferred mode to access services these days. We have apps for almost everything - ordering food, shopping, studying, learning languages, and entertainment. As people download and rate these apps, they leave behind a macro trend that indicates user interests and the popularity of apps.

Note - All the ranks below are for US App Store

#1 ranked apps during The Great Lockdown
Categories of top apps
The pre-COVID distribution of top apps was dominated by gaming and entertainment apps. But, as restrictions were put in place, people started downloading apps that helped them to go on with their daily lives. The proportion of gaming apps has declined while a few business apps have entered the top app rank charts.
Category distribution of top apps (weekly)
Historic rankings of top apps
Business apps
As people started working from home and schools & colleges moved their lectures online, rankings of Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams surged on the app store.
Historic rankings of top Business apps
Finance apps
Cash App continued to be a top app in the finance category. Its rank received a slight boost after launching features that allow people to receive stimulus checks directly in their accounts
Historic rankings of top Finance apps
Education apps
Google Classroom, an app that is helping 100 million+ students with their classwork, was among the top 10 ranked apps for 7 weeks
Historic rankings of top Education apps
Entertainment apps
TikTok lost its top spot to Zoom during the lockdown but continues to be a very popular app among teenagers
Historic rankings of top Entertainment apps
Social apps
Houseparty emerged as the top social app during the lockdown and was ranked better than Facebook for 6 weeks
Historic rankings of top Social apps
Health & Fitness apps
Clam's rank started regaining its momentum as people were working looking for ways to destress during the lockdown
Historic rankings of top Health & Fitness apps
Food apps
Instacart and Doordash rallied to the top 10 in the app store for the first time in last one year
Historic rankings of top Food apps
Travel and Transport apps
Uber and Lyft were dropped out of the top 100 apps after their rankings took a nosedive in mid-March
Historic rankings of top Travel and Transport apps
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