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You restrict the free movement of people, cancel their exams, ask them to work from home, what do you think they are going to do for entertainment? Well, yes! People are going to do some gaming. Well, enough gaming to bring Xbox down, push the number of concurrent users on Steam to a record 20M+, and push global mobile game downloads up by 39% in February to more than 4 billion. This growth not only supports the macro trend as seen in the number of twitch viewers but would also accelerate it!
Number of Twitch streamers increased by more than 50% since January. And, in April ~2.6 million people streamed on Twitch daily
Number of concurrent viewers on twitch
Top Games streamed on Twitch in April 2020
and their Peak Viewers over time
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Interesting Companies in Gaming Ecosystem
2016 | United States | $2.6M
Mobalytics is a gaming assistant that analyzes gamer's performance, highlights strengths and weaknesses, and gives insights to improve the game.
Daily Reach per Million
6M Growth - 118% | 12M Growth - 733%
2012 | Sweden | $42M
G-Loot is an Esports platform that lets gamers compete with friends and random opponents directly or through tournaments.
Number of Employees
6M Growth - 47% | 12M Growth - 118%
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