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Supercharge your investment research with alternative data

We enable Private Equity and Venture Capital investors to leverage the power of alternative data for sourcing, tracking, and due diligence.

The Synaptic Advantage

Alternative data provides rich signals on the universe of private companies, solving the problem of sparse availability of financial or traditional data.

The most effective way to unlock investment insights is to build a holistic view of companies by consolidating alternative datasets to analyze their performance.


Get a 360° view of companies with our alternative datasets

Public Markets
Earnings calls, stock data, and financial statements
Transactional Data
Credit card data, retention cohorts, and bank transaction data
Employees & Hiring
Employee count, hiring data, job openings, and reviews
Product Reviews
Product ratings, Net Promoter Scores, and user reviews
Web & Mobile Usage
Web and mobile activity across domains and devices
Search Trends
SEM trends, including organic and paid search trends
Developer Activity
Github activity index, including repos and traction data
Funding & Deals
Complete database of deals, transactions, and people
Integrate new datasets
Our modular build allows us to add new datasets in no time for richer analyses

Discover opportunities before everyone else

Find companies relevant to you with detailed query-based searches
Get performance signals on companies with multi-metric analysis.
Use our proprietary growth index to score leads

Track promising companies

Use our AI-suggested peer comparison, or set up your own peer group for the companies you want to track
Take advantage of our analysis and visualizations to deep-dive into each dataset
Create dynamic lists and real-time screeners to stay up to date

Proactive alerts for actionable insights

Get personalized automated insights about significant and relevant changes
Build custom criteria-based alerts when new companies get into your sweet spot

Integrate with your existing workflow

Add new companies with easy CRM integration and prioritize your deal pipeline based on Synaptic metrics
Calendar integration and team collaboration help prepare for your meetings and sharing insights with colleagues

Resources for Private Investors

See how Synaptic leverages the power of alternative data by unifying 3rd party data and proprietary datasets in one place
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Synaptic benefits investors across the spectrum